Confined Space Hole Watch and Air Technician Services

Our crew keeps watch so you can breathe easier.

Employing our experts for your job's confined space hole watch will complete your safety team for your entry crew and help preserve your company’s most valuable asset.

Our sharp, experienced confined space holewatch crew is well-qualified and seasoned at providing monitoring, breathing air, and other assistance for your confined space activities. Our team will keep your crew safe by making sure the air quality is under control and the workers are carefully monitored.

Your Air is Our Obsession.

Our confined space hole watch attendants are acute to threats such as toxic fumes, combustible gases, and entrapment risks. The safety of your workforce is their chief concern. Their job is to keep visible contact at all times with the workers inside the space as well as to use portable monitors, when necessary, to sample air quality within the work area. Code Red's holewatch attendants make it their primary concern to recognize dangerous situations, raise the alarm, and initiate evacuation. With our confined space hole watch attendants on your team, your workers will not have to worry about whether they are breathing safe, clean air.

Ventilation, hazards, general safety, pre-entry procedures, atmospheric testing, grounding devices for entry crew, and emergency/evacuation procedures are only a few of the areas in which our hole watch attendants are well trained. Qualified and experienced, each confined space hole watcher from our team is skilled and seasoned in every applicable discipline so you can rest assured your workers are breathing easy.

Our Confined Space Air Technicians Keep Your Conditions Clean.

Code Red's confined space air technicians are masters of handling, monitoring, and taking charge of the atmospheric conditions inside of the vessel. Our confined space air techs provide the respirators and breathing air that workers entering insufficiently ventilated areas need in order to operate safely.

Trained, certified, and practiced on setting up supplied air systems for any type of industrial confined space situation, our confined space air techs are second to none.

Each confined space hole watcher and air technician from our team is certified or qualified to provide:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Confined Space Training
  • OSHA 10
  • Air Tech Training

And, our advanced holewatch attendants and air techs are further certified or qualified to provide:

The fact is, when you need a confined space air tech or a confined space hole watch attendant, you get one right away. Our attendants are available nationwide and are on point to work for you. So whether you need us for a day, a month, a year, or longer, we have the qualified safety trained supervisor or technician you need.

To learn more about Code Red Safety and our services, please contact us by email or phone us toll-free at 800-499-5253.

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